Meet Maya, Mili and their cavalier, Bingo.

Sisters Maya and Mili are creators of wellness brand Moom who are making it easy for women (and men) to get a personalised daily dose of natural supplements formulated through a combined approach of ancient Ayurvedic tradition with modern scientific practice. 



Where were you both born and where feels like home?

We were both born in Malaysia (our dad was working there), but would definitely call Singapore home. For have been raised here, our family live here, and it’s where we feel most at home! We are originally Indian, our parents are both from Delhi, so we definitely resonate with the culture of India, but home is Singapore.
Tell us about Moom and what you love most about the work you do?
In short Moom creates natural remedies for the modern Asian woman. We formulate supplements with experts that combine ancient tradition with modern scientific practice, based on the needs of our generation. I think we both love creating. Whether it be creating products, creating a community, creating awareness- its something we both love to do and have truly embedded into the ethos of Moom

Would you say your energies complement each other? How?

Definitely. Maya is an extrovert in all forms of the word. She is amazing with people, thrives off the energy of others, and loves connecting! Mili is a bit more of an introverted-extrovert. She loves connecting with others, too, but does have a little social anxiety every now and then and needs her alone time. That alone time allows for her to focus on the organisational side of the business, while Maya handles the marketing, etc.. It’s been great to see how naturally we have both fallen into our roles! 

Who do you go to for advice?
Each other- and our mom!

Describe the perfect day off
Mili- Sleeping in, some kind of movement, filled with good food, hanging out with close friends, and probably a little retail therapy!  
Maya- A morning croissant, a yoga class, cooking a great meal for friends, and binging some TV!

If Bingo could talk, what would he say he loves most about life with you both :)
That we feed him! He’s obsessed with food (seems to run in the family) and it’s his one true love. 
What are your jewellery styles? 
We are both definitely gold girls who love jewelry that we can wear all the time and never have to take off. Maya has quite the ear party with 10 piercings total and they are always adorned with small, everyday pieces. Mili loves wearing earrings and has a set of 4 or 5 bracelets that she never takes off! To dress up, both of us definitely drift towards a statement earring or necklace- the chunkier the better! 
Where are you both currently dreaming of travelling to?
We are both hoping to travel to Tokyo (to eat) or South Africa! Hilariously, they were both family trips that we had planned and got cancelled due to covid. Fingers crossed for 2022! 
Did the Covid pandemic change the way you look at life? How?
It further reiterated the importance of being near each other and for the first time in 10 years our entire family was together! Additionally, as cheesy as it may sound, it did show us that life can truly be very short and unpredictable- it was probably the impetus we needed to kickstart Moom! 
Complete this sentence - “Love is….”

Love is everywhere, it’s everything, and it’s in all of us :) 

Maya and Mili wears Mini, Petite, Medium & Jumbo Hearts, Breathe Earrings + Bangle + Necklace, Jupiter & Saturn Earrings. Bingo wears Jumbo Pet Heart.

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