What is energy

If what makes you, you and what makes me, me is our energy...then what is energy?  

Whilst researching on the concept for our Love 2.0  collection, I revisited the guiding themes—movement and energy. Seeing it everywhere in nature, then translating it into a piece of jewellery that embodies this energy. In design, movement and energy can be expressed visually by lines, with curves through repetition and reflecting light.

The concept of energy led me back to a workbook on Chi Energy by Simon G. Brown, shared below. It is a way of looking at energy that can encourage more conscious choices. It aligns with the essence of our Love 2.0 hearts, designed to mark and affirm the sentiment of love.

With Love, Nazneen xx


What is Chi Energy?

A subtle electromagnetic force permeates everything in the universe to sustain life and activity. It essentially connects us to everything else and is called chi or qi in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India. It permeates all matter and flows through all living things as it travels from one entity into another carrying information in much the same way that blood courses through your veins bringing nutrients to the various body parts. The human body is a complex field of continually moving chi circulating through cells, tissues, muscles and internal organs.

In accordance with energy principles, chi cannot disappear nor can it be destroyed but moves and changes from one form to another, and is easily replenished on a day-to-day basis. Imagine the flow of chi as a circulating energy ‘field’ that runs through you and around you transporting thoughts, beliefs and emotions, but mixing in with other dynamic influences around you as well. Some of this substance is continuously moving away from you as it comes to be replaced by other energy from your surroundings, rather like a magnetic field. Because human kind feels and thinks through life, there is a concentration of chi—also known as mass consciousness—encircling the planet. Everyone’s ideas and thoughts surround us, If you are able to relax and tap into these ‘thoughts’ you may pick up interesting insights and even solutions to your problems.

Allow the flow of chi to work for you: firstly by understanding how it moves; and secondly, by applying it to the areas of your life that need it the most. The continuous exchange of chi between the inside and the outside is what effectively connects you to everything around you. The fresh chi that you draw in will bring in something of the surrounding world—aspects of the weather, the chi of people close to you, the atmosphere in your home, even the energy of what you eat. Such concentrations are often too small to be perceptible, but far more powerful chi forces, like the chi of the moon and of the weather, have noticeable effects on our behaviour patterns. The make-up of your inner chi can be affected through the fabric of your clothes, the exercise you do, where you stand, and the activities that fill up your day. As different types of chi impact your outer energy field, they will alter the composition of your inner chi and influence your thoughts and feelings.

A passage from the Chi Energy Workbook: A practical Guide to the Essence That Links All Holistic Therapies by Simon G. Brown



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