It all started with a serendipitous finding of her photographic prints titled "Isolation Creations" photographed during Singapore's Covid lockdown. Her still life arrangements of flowers and inanimate objects are captured with an essence that comes across to us as rich, honest and layered with meaning. Meet Samantha Chesler of Lily and Lime with a series featuring our jewellery guided by natural light.


All photos in the series arranged and photographed by Samantha Chesler.



Where were you born and where feels like home?
This question is so hard to answer!
I’m born in South Africa, raised as an expat in 5 countries and I hold both British and Canadian passports. Home is London and Montreal.
Why the name Lily and Lime?
Lilies are my wedding flower and Lime comes from a beautiful Trinidad term that we adopted when living there. “To lime” is to spend quality time with friends dancing, drinking, talking. Combined they represent all the pleasures of life.
Is there a reason you chose these flowers for this series?
I like striking flowers that are sculptural in their beauty. They are also beautifully suited to the shapes and designs of this jewellery. I think they make perfect companions.

What is the one guiding mantra for your photography approach?

Natural light always. There must also be a relationship between objects as if they are communicating. And I want these still lifes to both brim with life and look like paintings. I love that paradox.
The most beautiful flower? What secret language do they speak to you?
Firstly and always, lilies. They are romantic, they change daily and smell divine. They speak to me of the power of change. And I love sunflowers. You can’t be sad with a sunflower in a room.
What is your style when is comes to jewellery?
I adore jewellery. Simple and elegant but then add in a few statement pieces and I feel complete.
Where are you currently dreaming of travelling to?
First to see my daughters in Canada and second to Japan. Japan is my favourite country in the world. I grew up there.
Did the Covid pandemic change the way you look at life? How?
It forced me to slow down and surrender to that which I cannot change. I love to be in control and now I’ve learnt to live in the space between knowing and not knowing. It’s hard yet surprising things can grow and prosper in the space.
Complete this sentence - “Love is….”
Love is a table set with flowers and candles, wonderful food and my family laughing and being all together.


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