Crystal, Hizuan & Pincho

What do you love to do?
C: I really love being home with my cat, and listening to good tunes. 
H: I love going on spontaneous walks on my own and eventually coming home to loved ones to cap the day.

What led you to your chosen medium, natural dye and photography? Is there a particular part of the process that you love? 
C: I was in England and attended a natural dye workshop in London where they grew their own flowers for dyeing. I was intrigued by how nature could beautifully stain fabrics! I would say my favourite part is taking the textiles out of the dye pot and seeing how the colours turn out. 
H: I've always been driven by visual content, and having studied film in school, it was a natural progression that led me to where I am today. I love the fact that the process never stops. Every photograph I take or have taken is something new for me to learn about myself.

What motivates & inspires you to create?
C: The shift in positive energy when I come home from a holiday, it is always a light feeling. Books help too, especially at the library. There's always something new for me to check out.
H: I like to question my surroundings and environment, and it's usually the sensory cues that invoke an idea or simply a need to take a photograph of.

You both seem to have a balanced approach to life, do you have a self-care practice?
C: My partner keeps me balanced! I guess we keep each other in check. 
H: We always keep each other in check and I also try to find humour in most things in life. Laughing is important.

If love is a colour what colour do you see?
C: Sky blue. 
H: Sunset hues.

Complete this sentence - "Love is …..”
C: Abundance. 
H: All around.

Shot on 35mm film by @sideo 
You can find Crystal @projectcoal / Hizuan @hizuan / Pincho @pinchothecat

Featuring leftover indigo dye stained nails. 

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