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PYAR Ethical

Pyar’s certified recycled silver and brass are sourced from a trusted supplier located in the north of Bali. 
From the start, our intention was to partner with artisans with strong ethical values. Our supplier has been making jewelry for over 20 years now, and they hold their ethics just as highly as their craft. They offer wages that are fair and above the minimum standard, provide work training centres, childcare for working mothers, and have trusted systems for authorised waste disposal and recycling procedures. Because of the size of the company, they are also able to supply certified recycled metals together with handmade and casting capabilities.
Our process is a collaborative one: where the sketches are reviewed by the artisans, materials and finishing are thoughtfully considered, and samples are worn for a good number of weeks to see how they wear before joining the collection.





“Jewellery has been the choice for people throughout the centuries to mark and affirm the sentiment of love, either as gifts or talismans. I wanted to continue this tradition with PYAR.”

Nazneen Aziz, Founder and Designer
Timeless, soulful, and effortless, the Pyar collections are modern heirlooms defined by the distinctive lives and styles of the characters who wear them. Every handcrafted piece has its inspirations helmed from moments of transience and human connection.
We embrace the allure of the wabi-sabi style in our process and finishing. Pyar’s refined forms hold soul and story, and their versatility tempts interchangeable wearability across all collections.
Working exclusively with recycled silver and brass, every piece is finished in 18k gold or 925 sterling silver with a distinct quality; a brilliant matte finish that catches the light just so. All orders are coupled with a personally handwritten affirmation to serve as a grounding reminder of your phenomenon.

PYAR is LOVE Jewellery for the Soul


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