She has a mixed background that is truly Singaporean, meet Parveen Hassanbhai. A PR/Digital Specialist with a healthy work approach, conscious of boundaries and strong family/friendship values to ground her.



Where were you born and what is your background?
Born and raised in Singapore, Mom is Chinese, Dad is Northern Indian.

What do you love most about the work you do?
Learning new things about my clients like their product / brand.

What motivates and inspires you?
My tribe - family and friends, reading and surprisingly nature. Waking up everyday, landing my feet on the ground knowing that I can see the sun makes me very grateful to still be here.

Do you have a daily ritual that you follow?
Yes I do, my phone is on do not disturb everyday from 11pm till 10am the next day, when I wake up in the morning I don't check my social media, emails or messages I just have my alone time doing my yoga and meditation and I do that again in the evening for an hour just to wind down.
"Love is doing what makes you happy, loving and celebrating who you are first, also celebrating others and who they are too."   
What is your style when is comes to jewellery? 
I like classic statement pieces or heirloom pieces that have a story behind it.


Where are you currently dreaming of travelling to?
oh wow so many places, I wanna go to Malang and India to visit my children as I like to call them, who are less fortunate than us and also just a nice nature getaway either Maldives or Bhutan. 

Which is the one place in Singapore that you’ve rediscovered?
Kranji Marshes

Did the Covid pandemic change the way you look at life? How?
Yes, it did. now I believe everything happens for a reason, is a blessing in disguise and the universe has a plan for everyone.

Complete this sentence - “Love is….”
Love is doing what makes you happy, loving and celebrating who you are first, also celebrating others and who they are too.


Parveen is styled in pieces from our Love (coming soon)FoundCosmos & Zodiac collections.

Flower Shopping for mum at Far East Flora, Singapore

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